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Dr. Pezhman Nourzad (IELTS Dr.N's Founder)

This is Pezhmn Nourzad a PHD graduate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) who has decided to establish IELTS Club with my team of professionals to help you learn English passionately and accurately. I have started teaching at institutes in different levels from elementary to advanced since I was 17 and also I have started teaching at universities as a tutor since I was 25 , a PHD undergraduate candidate. I have been teaching IELTS , TOEFL , PTE , GRE , CAE , CPE , Duolingo professionally for 15 years. I have participated in a raft of international exams and my highest score in IELTS was 9 out of 9 (Listening=9 Reading=9 Writing=8.5 Speaking=9 ) and my highest score in TOEFL is 120 out of 120 (Listening=30 Reading=30 Speakers=30 Writing=30) I have also had the experience in managing different language centers as an Educational Manager and Chief Administrator in curriculum and material development. I believe that language learning is an absolute and natural right for every single individual if he / she does it in the right way. Our mission in IELTS Club complex is to prepare an atmosphere free from social class differences for everybody even those miles away. Thus , we provide the most advanced methodological accompanied by the most appropriate psychological and theoretical trends in the realm of education and learning.

Haniye Bahrami (English Teacher)

This is Haniye. I’ve been busy with learning English ever since I can remember. I’ve started teaching English since I was 16. Teaching has opened my eyes to a new world in which I say yes to changes. I got 7 (IELTS Academic Module) and now I’m here to help you learn English from every corner of the world and remain highly optimistic.

Zahra Rafiee (English Teacher)

Hey this is Zahra a university senior English translation student. As i have a penchant for teaching English. I have started it since I was 15 . I got 7( IELTS Academic Module). I have also been an interpreter in Iran International Fair. I am intensely interested in working with people from different social classes to be more productive. If you are planning to embark on learning a new language, do not hesitate for a moment as you have taken the right path.

Arezoo Zolfaghari (English Teacher)

Hi This is Arezoo being in love with the life which has been more colorful by Architecture and English. I have started teaching English since I was 18 with the score 7 (IELTS Academic Module) I’m here to teach you how to paint a rosy picture of English.

Mina Nouri (English Teacher)

Hi I have started English since I was 8.I have always wanted to be an English tutor.So I have fulfilled my dream and graduated from university in the field of Translation (B.A) I’ve been teaching kids,teenagers and adults for 6 years .I’m also a translator.I got 7 (IELTS Academic Module). I’m here to help you and say how to relish the opportunity to learn English .

Javad Jadidi (English Teacher)

Hi This is Javad. I've been teaching English from very young ages and I got 7.5 (IELTS Academic Module) when I was 16. It was not the end though. I have kept on learning English. I am keen to help you learn and enjoy English.

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