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In this part you can see our online courses with the detailed information.

Placement test notebook

You assess your English proficiency from basic to advanced with IELTS Club assessment Pamphelet and you can realize the reasons for wrong choices with the answer key section. You can also have your score from 0 to 150!

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Mock exams

Before taking part in real English exams, you need a mock exam.

Online placement test

If you are interested in learning English, you can have an accurate assessment of your level in this part


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ایلتس کلاب  دکتر نورزاد
ایلتس کلاب  دکتر نورزاد
ایلتس کلاب  دکتر نورزاد
ایلتس کلاب  دکتر نورزاد

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